ComNet provides various broadband service to meet your needs!
Premium Dedicated Internet Access (PDIA)

Dedicated bandwidth to specified regions

Reliable, High-speed Internet Connectivity

With the new digital era comes new imperatives for business – high upload and download speeds, over a reliable and secured connection.

Full-time Dedicated Internet Access Overseas

Premium Dedicated Internet Access (PDIA) provides direct connections with full-time dedicated bandwidth from Hong Kong to multiple Tier-1 providers and top content providers, reaching China, Asia Pacific, Europe and the US via the shortest path available.

Features and Benefits
Dedicated Internet Connection
Reserved one-to-one overseas bandwidth provision guarantees high-speed and stable Internet connections
Customized Solutions
Diverse range of flexible local and international bandwidths available for up to multiple 10Gbps in specific regions
Bandwidth Adjustment
Fast upgrade to address ever-changing business needs
ComNet Broadband services are powered by Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
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