ComNet Telecom (HK) Limited is one of the telecommunications service providers in Hong Kong, targeting different customers and offering telecoms partners and operators international termination services. We are headquartered in Hong Kong, with overseas offices having deployed points of presence in Asia, Europe, and Northern America.

Our Advantage

– High-Quality Voice and Data Service
– Operational Efficiency
– Win/Win Partnerships
– Global presence and Strong Asia-Pacific Presence
– Unparalleled Customer Service

Our Mission

– Connecting the World with Quality Services
– Continue to provide best-of-breed services and exceed customer expectations

Customer Charter

ComNet has always put customers first. Whether it is an existing customer or a new customer, we are committed to providing quality services and set the following performance goals :

Service Provisioning Lead Time:

  • IDD 0050 Service – activation within 24 hours upon application information fully received by our 24 hours customer service center.
  • ComNetPhone (IP Phone Service) – activation within 48 hours upon application information fully received by our customer service center or authorized dealers. The above time-frame does not include if customer request on-site installation.

Service Restoration Time:

  • Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR, Note 1) for IDD 0050 or ComNetPhone services are 2 working days.
  • Note 1: Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) is defined as the average time taken from receiving customer fault report by ComNet telecom (HK) staff to restoring service to customers. It only applies to ComNet’s local line fault, excluding faults due to circuits or customers side equipment, which are beyond the maintenance capability of ComNet.

Complaints Handling:

  • Customers can call customer service hotline for IDD 0050 and ComNetPhone during Service Support Hours for problem / complaint / enquiry.
  • Acknowledge customer call in phone problem / complaint / enquiry within 30 seconds and provide (if necessary) the formal receipt acknowledge within 1 working day.
  • Resolve the phone problem / complaint / enquiry and reply to customers within 5 working days with satisfactory solutions. If a customer requests a written reply, we will prepare it within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint (Note 2).
  • Note 2: This performance indicator is not applicable if and when customers cannot be reached; change their requests; or make repeated claims.

    Network Availability and Maintenance Service:

    • Network availability shall be 99.95%
      [Availability = ((Service Hours – Service Down Time) * 100%) / Service Hours]
    • Service Hours – 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, planned and emergency outages are not taken into account

    General Service Enquiry:

      Customer Service Hotlines

    • IDD 0050: 1021-050
    • ComNet Phone: 1021-000
    • Corporate Websites: