ComNet provides various broadband service to meet your needs!
Business Broadband

ComNet provides different band width for 100M to 1000M that tailor-made the business broadband solution for SME.

Business Fibre Broadband Service

Diversified commercial fiber broadband services up to 1000Mbps. Expand productivity and opportunities for your business.

Fiber-To-The-Office Technology (FTTO)

Backed by partnerships with world-class companies like Cisco Systems and Nokia to deliver exceptional performance and value.

Features and Benefits
Symmetrical Bandwidth
Symmetrical upload and download speeds allow customers to handle all their business activities more efficiently.
Guaranteed Bandwidth
Provide a "Steady Speed Guarantee" - 100Mbps broadband plan speed guaranteed.
Professional and Reliable Service Standard
Deliver a quality and reliable network through network monitoring on a 24x7 basis, industry-focused customer service and highly dependable technical support.

ComNet Broadband services are powered by Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
– Specifications of 1000Mbps/500Mbps/100Mbps are based on an Internet connection from the wallplate at customer’s premises to the first piece of HKBN’s network equipment. Maximum upload/download speed to local site could be up to 1000Mbps/500Mbps/100Mbps. The actual bandwidth that the customer can enjoy may be affected by customer hardware/ software, router specification, site traffic loading, type of content being accessed and other environmental factors; and hence is normally less than the above speed. The bandwidth to overseas sites will also be subject to the conditions of local network there, and therefore the bandwidth might be even less.
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