You can now subscribe to different mobile service plans through ComNet

ComNet has partnered with
China Telecom CTExcel
to provide a variety of mobile service plans which meet your needs

Campus Lollipop Plan

Monthly rates are as low as HK$88 for a 20GB local data package

Local High-Speed Plan (Upgraded Version) Mainland & HK Data in One SIM

Monthly rates are as low as HK$128 for a 20GB local data package

Happy Seniors Plan

Monthly rates are as low as HK$68 for a 10GB local data package
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Offer is only applicable for specific service plans, please refer to the plan detais.

Monthly Fee Waiver

One month service fee can be waived for new customers who have committed to a 24-months contract. Two months service fees can be waived for MNP customers.

Special Rebate

One-time Rebate up to HK$500 during contract period (For Specified Service Plans)

Extra Free Local Data

Enjoy an extra 10GB data allowance in main service plan during the pandemic period of COVID-19

Waive for Administration Fee

HK$18 monthly administration fee and HK$18 monthly service fee of “1-Card-Multi-Number” can be waived during contract period

Free Value-added Service

Enjoy free "Roaming Day Pass" service for up to 2 days each month (including roaming data of China , Macau or Taiwan)

Additional Fixed Line Service Offer

Enjoy $728 for 2 years of YouCLink Fixed Line Service
Customers who have successfully subscribed to the Mobile Service Plan
Additional Fixed Line Service Offer
$728 for 2 years of YouCLink Fixed Line Service (Average $1 per day)
“Campus Lollipop” Service Plan Details

“Local High-Speed” Service Plan Details

“Happy Seniors” Service Plan Details


1. ComNet mobile services are powered by China Telecom CTExcel
2. All the above mobile service plan offers are subject to the relevant terms and conditions. For the detailed terms and conditions of the service plan, please visit the following website:
3. China Telecom Global (“CTG”) reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions above, or amend or terminate any promotional offers without further notice. In the event of any dispute, CTG reserves the right of final decision.
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