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Ignite your enterprise with our unbeatable one-stop IoT solutions. Our expert consultants provide free, tailored advice to unleash the full potential of your business. From compatibility testing to flexible charging plans, we ensure seamless integration. Harness the power of our user-friendly IoT management platform, supported by 24/7 customer service. Make data-driven decisions with our insightful reports. Partner with us for a transformative IoT journey that propels your enterprise to new heights.

We offer diversify SIM Type, from traditional 2FF/3FF/4FF SIM cards to M2M e-SIM
Find the ideal SIM card or e-SIM for your IoT business

Our team specializes in finding the perfect solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Experience seamless connectivity and maximize performance with our carefully curated selection of SIM cards and e-SIM resources. Trust us to provide the optimal resource to fuel your IoT success.

we provide a wide array of flexible pricing options tailored to suit your specific needs.
Scale your IoT Business with our customizable model
Pooled Bundles
Our settlement system offers flexible data sharing among all SIM cards in a Pooled logic. The overall data traffic is considered, maximizing resource utilization and providing a more adaptable solution for your IoT needs.
Per A-la-Carte Usage
Calculated based on the actual monthly data usage of each individual SIM card. With no minimum usage threshold, you only pay for what you use. Experience a truly adaptable and cost-effective solution.
Service Plan Package
Customize exclusive IoT data packages for customers. Package are charged by a fixed monthly fee. This eliminating the worry of data usage and enjoy seamless connectivity without limitations.
Custom Data Speed
Take control of your data costs effortlessly with our customizable data usage speeds and Fair Usage Policy (FUP) options. Allowing for efficient data cost control. Simplify data management and optimize expenses with ease.
We can help you to develop IoT business in as many as 150 countries around the world !
Worldwide Data Coverage for IoT
Direct Network Access agreements signed between 250+ operators around the world !
Managing your SIM Cards and Data Resources become seamless and efficient.
IoT Management Platform

Managing your SIM card and IoT data resources becomes convenient and simple. ​Through our multifunctional and user-friendly Web interface, you can manage your SIM cards and IoT data resources at anytime anywhere !

Multiple Functions Including :

  • SIM Card Resource Management
  • Data Plan Management & Configuration
  • Data Resource Management & Coverage Setting
  • Sub-Channel / Distributor Management
  • User Account Management
  • Report generation & Business analysis

COMNET IoT Solution

IoT Experience and Sale Cases

Internet of Vehicles and Fleet Management

With our extensive experience in the Internet of Vehicles, we have collaborated with car manufacturers and smart car T-Box suppliers to develop comprehensive IoT solutions. Our application solutions enable car owners to effortlessly manage and track their vehicle’s status using our SIM card resources and roaming data. Trust us to provide seamless connectivity and innovative solutions for the Internet of Vehicles, enhancing the driving experience for car owners.

Containers and Logistics

Leveraging container monitoring devices, we enable real-time detection of crucial container conditions such as “temperature,” “humidity,” and “position.” Smartly manage container status and gain valuable insights into logistics operations. Track the progress of your shipments seamlessly, ensuring optimal conditions and efficient logistics management. Experience enhanced container monitoring and logistics tracking with our innovative solutions.

Smart lamp and lighting systems

Enhance your lighting system with our intelligent lampposts equipped with photosensitive systems and data SIM card devices. These innovative solutions enable automatic on/off functionality based on time or sunlight brightness, leading to substantial savings in electricity expenses. Embrace the smart and eco-friendly approach to lighting, optimizing energy usage while promoting sustainability. Experience a seamless blend of intelligence and environmental consciousness with our cutting-edge solutions.

Retail Store Payment System (POS)

Empower your retail business with our SIM card-enabled retail payment terminals (POS). Say goodbye to limitations imposed by broadband network cables or telephone lines as merchants can now collect payments anytime and anywhere. Enjoy the flexibility, stability, and security of our solution, enabling seamless transactions and enhancing customer satisfaction. Experience the freedom to conduct business transactions with ease and peace of mind.

Smart Security Center

Elevate your security centre with our IoT solution. By utilizing data-enabled “Walkie Talkie” devices and wearable devices for security guards, you gain effortless management of their whereabouts, working hours, inspection routes, and more. Ensure the safety and reliability of your security team with ease. Experience enhanced security operations and streamlined monitoring, providing peace of mind for your organization. Trust our IoT solution to optimize security management and bolster safety measures.

EV Charging Application & Solution

We specialize in collaborating with charging pile suppliers and contractors, leveraging our extensive experience. By integrating IoT data cards into charging pile devices, we enhance their capabilities, including payment collection, power capacity management, and more. Strengthen your charging pile infrastructure with our innovative solutions, ensuring seamless operations and advanced functionalities. Trust us to optimize your charging pile facilities for maximum efficiency and convenience.

We provide you with free IoT solution suggestions
Professional Technical and Sales Team

Our sales team is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to engage in detailed discussions with you. Together, we will craft the perfect IoT solution that aligns seamlessly with your business requirements. Contact us today to embark on a collaborative journey towards IoT success.

Free professional advice and project experience sharing

Learn your IoT needs and design solution

Schedule a test to make sure our solution works on your device

Preparations of SIM card and eSIM resources

Formulate data package, data coverage and 2G/3G/4G/5G network speed

Set Fair Use Policy, security and data limit

Provide an IoT management platform to let you start the business

7 X 24 customer service support to protect your business

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