Our IoT Portal provides a variety of practical functions to help you manage your IoT business easily !

Managing your SIM card and IoT data resources becomes convenient and simple. ​Through our multifunctional and user-friendly Web interface, you can manage your SIM cards and IoT data resources at anytime anywhere. ​You can also generate business reports in different aspect for analysis. Our IoT Portal allowing you to clearly understand the status of your IoT business at all times!

In addition, we also provide API connection option, so you will have all the functions you need to manage your IoT resources.

We've got everything you need to manage your IoT business
Dashboard Monitoring
SIM Management
Data Usage Management
Coverage Configuration
Data Speed & Fair Usage Policy
Reporting & Analytics
Sales-Channel Management
User Permission Settings
About the Dashboard

Once logged in to our IoT resource management platform, you’ll be directed to the dynamic homepage dashboard. It’s your one-stop destination for real-time resource usage statistics and vital information at your fingertips! Our portal help you to stay connected to your IoT business and monitor its operational status online.

  • SIM card resource usage
  • SIM Data usage
  • Data Plan ordering and activation status
  • Real-Time Data Speed status
  • Real-Tine user online status
SIM Card Resource Management

For SIM Card Management, users gain full visibility and control over all the SIM cards associated with their account. This tool allows you to effortlessly view and manage the information of all your company’s SIM cards. Simply click on a specific SIM Card, identified by its ICCID, to initiate SIM management actions, such as purchasing plans for specific SIM etc.

  • View all SIM card resources
  • Specify SIM card details info
  • Order Data plan for SIM card
  • View SIM card order history
  • Update SIM card user information
  • Update SIM card status
Data Plan Management

In this section, users can easily access and review the comprehensive data plan information. Gain insights into the type of data plans created, delve into plan details, and explore the allocated Subchannels associated with each plan. With this feature, IoT Portal users ca take full control of your data plans and effortlessly manage Subchannel plan assignment task.

  • View all configured data plan info
  • Define data plan type
  • Arrange plan for different SIM Pool
  • Assign Data plan for Sub-Channel
  • Manage Assigned Plan for Sub-Channel
Report generation & Business analysis

In the “Overview (Report Generation)” section, IoT users have the ability to generate various types of reports. These reports encompass valuable data such as SIM card resources, data packages, data usage, package activation rate, and user purchase package rate. By generating and analysing these reports, users can gain valuable insights and perform different types of analysis to optimize their IoT operations.

Sub-Channel Management

In this section, IoT portal users have the capability to efficiently manage their sub-channel or distributors. Users can create and oversee multiple reseller accounts within their management. Once reseller accounts are created, users can assign specific data plan to these distributor accounts. This empowers distributors to conveniently purchase the assigned plan from the SIM card library they manage. Streamline your distribution network and enable seamless plan allocation and acquisition for enhanced business operations.

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