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ONE Mainland China-Hong Kong Shared Plan
ONE Global Shared Plan
ONE Greater China Shared Plan
Local 4G Rollover Data Plan
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Service Plan

Waive of Licence and Administration fee only applicable to $238 and $318 service plan, credit card autopay is also required

月費(HK$)$138$188$238$318Monthly Fee (HK$)$138$188$238$318
合約期24個月24個月24個月24個月Contract Period24 Months24 Months24 Months24 Months
香港基本通話分鐘無限無限無限無限Local Basic Airtime (minute)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
中國內地接聽電話/致電中國內地號碼$0.5/每分鐘$0.5/每分鐘$0.5/每分鐘$0.5/每分鐘Answer call in Mainland China/Calling Mainland number$0.5/min$0.5/min$0.5/min$0.5/min
Mainland China- Hong Kong Shared Basic Data Usage1GB2.5GB6GB
Free Additional 2.5GB
Free Additional 5GB
中港其後共用流動數據收費$30/0.5GB$30/0.5GB$30/1GB$30/1GBThereafter charges for Mainland China – Hong Kong Shared Data$30/0.5GB$30/0.5GB$30/1GB$30/1GB
網上優惠:固定合約期內流動服務牌照及行政費$9$9$9$9Online offer: During the fixed contract period, Mobile Service License and Administration Fee$9$9$9$9

Terms and Conditions

1. ComNet mobile services are powered by  China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited
2. Customer is required to pay first monthly fee when subscribing the service plan.
3. Unless otherwise specified, the airtime usage entitlement of the monthly plan applies to Hong Kong local airtime only. When customer calling to non Hong Kong number, the plan’s local basic airtime will be reduced and the relevant IDD charge will be charged.
4. Entitle monthly fee $9 for Mobile service license and administration fee within the contract period, credit card autopay application for mobile service is required at the same time of mobile service online submission.
5. Definition of China-Hong Kong shared data: China-Hong Kong shared data limited usage within Mainland China & Hong Kong only.
6. Customer is required to sign 24 months fixed term contract. After the fixed term contract, customers are required to pay $10 monthly Mainland China Number Fee and $18 monthly Mobile Service License & Administration Fees
7. To apply for extra Hong Kong data usage: For customers of HKPMS4ACK001GAA and HKPMS4ACK002GAA service plans, please dial [*118*284# CALL] and the extra data charge is $30/0.5GB. Multiple applications are accepted. For customers of HKPMS4ACK006GAA and HKPMS4ACK001TAA service plans, please dial [*118*285# CALL] and the extra data charge is $30/1GB. Multiple applications are accepted. The newly acquired extra data can be used till the last day of the calendar month in which it is successfully applied and acquired.
8. ONE Mainland China-Hong Kong Shared Plan is subject to the relevant terms of conditions. For details, please contact customer service hotline 3503 3003.
9. For details of applicable destinations, service terms and conditions, please visit
10. Terms and conditions apply. China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited reserves its right of final interpretations. For details please visit
11. Free shipping fee is only applicable to Hong Kong local address and only support for SIM Card shipping, customer have to bear the shipping risk on their own.

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