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Imaging you can now make and receive call from company and customer through YouCLink application anywhere and anytime, you never miss any calls.
With the YouCLink app via Wi-Fi or cellular data network, you can keep in touch with your business partner and customer.

YouCLink App
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YouCLink app is available on App Store and Play Store

Support Multiple Platforms

YouCLink supports multiple platforms which includes Window, Mac, iOS and Android. Thus, the customer can use YouCLink app through smart devices and desktop. The flexibility of YouCLink app allows the customers to make and receive calls anytime and anyplace.

Support New Number and Port-in Number

YouCLink provides you with a new fixed-line number. When you make call to customers via YouCLink app and IP phone device, the telephone number will display a business telephone number. Besides, YouCLink supports number porting service so that you can keep your existing number. These services satisfy for all business needs and enhance the service experience.

What YouCLink can help!
YouCLink Application and Fixed Network Phone Synchronization
New features - Fixed-Line Mobile Telephony service: You will not miss a single call with the YouCLink mobile application. Miss Call Goodbye!
Unlimited Free IDD Call Mins to China.
YouCLink service provides free IDD Call to China! You can stay close to your family and relatives!
Save your Roaming Cost !
No more bill shock on your roaming fee! With YouCLink application, you can make and receive calls once your mobile phone access to mobile data or Wi-Fi.
YouCLink Service Introduction Video
YouCLink Service Introduction Video
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We believe YouCLink will be your optimal unified communication solution, act now to start enjoy the benefits that YouCLink bring to you!